International Symposium: ‘Artificıal Intelligence in Terms of Laying the Groundwork for Researches in Islamic Law


Islam and Law in the Age of Articial Intelligence (Digital Book)

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Dear Academists and Researchers!

There is a remarkable approach in researches about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). That is, there have been three major events in history: The first is the creation of the universe, the second is the beginning of life, and the third is the emergence of artificial intelligence, which is claimed to have similar or even the same importance with the others. Artificial intelligence gives a computer or a computer-connected robot the ability to perform various activities like an intelligent human. People are offering more and more jurisdictions to smart software and robots day by day. This brings to mind many questions such as the nature of artificial intelligence, its position against humans, the point it will reach with the development of technology, the benefits it will provide and the harms it will cause. In order to answer such questions, artificial intelligence, which has spread over a wide area, needs to be examined together with its instruments. For this reason, as Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Faculty of Theology, we decided to hold an artificial intelligence symposium.

Symposium; It is planned to cover studies on 'artificial intelligence' in the fields of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Educational Sciences and Fine Arts, but ultimately to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is handled correctly in Islamic Law. The abstracts will be evaluated by the referee committee, and the papers deemed appropriate to be presented in the program will be announced on the symposium page. The symposium will be held in 'online' conference halls in collaboration with Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy Faculty of Theology Maku-Uzem. Papers presented at our symposium and whose full texts are accepted by the scientific committee will be published in due time. In this context, we expect you to honor us with your contributions to our symposium. We express our gratitude for your valuable contributions in advance and wish you success in your work.

The Symposium languages ​​were determined as Turkish, Arabic, English and Persian.

16-17 APRIL 2022

Online Conference Halls: MAKÜ-UZEM

Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Faculty of Theology